Brian Heerwagen serves as Chairman of the SOE National Board. He is also Chief Executive Officer of DELTA Ministries International based in Vancouver, Washington. His first short-term mission was on a DELTA team in 1980 and he was hired as CEO in 1985. He has been to mission fields in 25 countries and has led or been on countless short-term teams. He is the author/collaborator of The Next Mile – Short-Term Missions for the Long Haul.

Don Johnson serves as SOE Vice-Chairman and earned his BA and MA in Bible from Columbia International University and an MBA from Liberty University. He has been a missionary with SEND International since 1987 serving first as a host-receiver for STMs in Alaska and Russia before spending 10 years as the assistant director and then director of SEND’s STM department. Currently he is Assistant to the US Director for Special Projects. His responsibilities include speaking, writing, recruiting, researching missions trends and providing training for both short-term and long-term missionaries.

David Armstrong serves as Treasurer of the SOE and is the Executive Director of Mission Data International, best known for the website www.ShortTermMissions.com. David has also served as SOE Chair and has been part of the National Steering Committee (now Board) since it began. He and his wife Mary previously spent 15 years working with pastors and church leaders in Guatemala and Colombia. David has sent short-term teams from the U.S. to assignments around the world. He has also received individuals and groups on the field in Guatemala and Colombia.

Jenny Collins serves as Secretary of the SOE and is an Associate Professor of Missions at Taylor University. She has been involved in STMs since 1992 and has served on the SOE National Steering Committee (now Board) since its inception. She spent 14 years as the director of an international service-learning program and authored “Short-Term Missions: Maximizing for Long-Term Impact” in Overcoming the World Missions Crisis and several STM articles. Jenny has chaired two church mission committees. She earned her BS at Taylor University and her MAR from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Jennifer McClellan is the Director of Missions and Student Ministries at Olivet Nazarene University since 2005. She has trained and sent 100+ teams around the world as well as led many of them herself. She recently completed the SOE accreditation for the Missions In Action program at ONU. Jennifer served on staff at College Church of the Nazarene and on the board of Gift of God Street Church homeless ministry. Currently she is serving on the board of Footsteps Missions.

Ryan Schlangen joined the SOE Board in early 2013. Ryan has a BA in Pastoral Studies and has served in leadership capacities at two other short-term mission organizations before starting his current role at Bethany International as the Director of Bethany Global Teams. Ryan has led nearly 70 short-term mission teams in more than 40 different countries around the world.

Randy Schmor has led and trained numerous short-term teams for over 20 years. Along with his wife Shelly and their son, he oversees the Gateway Teams ministry that emphasizes short term mission in the context of long term partnerships and walks alongside churches and organizations as they are willing to invest their people and resources in relationships that are long lasting. Their ministry work takes them throughout Latin America, to Cameroon and Japan, as well as to Eastern Europe and Russia. The Schmors make their home in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Steve Ingram, CAE, advises the SOE Board and is an independent consultant. He has over 30 years of experience consulting on membership recruitment and retention, strategic and business planning, not-for-profit volunteerism, leadership and board governance, and fund raising. Steve has facilitated strategic planning projects and retreats for associations, charitable groups, and faith based organizations, and has served as a member of a ministry coaching team working with pastors and lay leaders around the country.

Brittany Busby serves as the Administrative Assistant for the SOE. She is also the Executive Assistant at DELTA Ministries since 2010. Brittany went on her first STM in 1998 and has participated in many trips since then. She joined YWAM in 2007 and has served on teams in Europe, the Pacific, South and Central America, and Southeast Asia. Brittany completed two schools with YWAM; a Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Basic Leadership Seminar (BLS).