The desire of the SOE is to promote the pursuit of excellence in short-term mission and to strengthen our collective effectiveness globally. Our philosophy is to encourage, enable and equip one another to be better, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of best practice in STM.

Our goal is not to establish a legalistic or rigid system, but to foster a collegial community of like-minded organizations who together can do better and accomplish more than we might individually.

The SOE helps organizations incorporate the Standards of Excellence into their STM programming, while at the same time, recognizing and preserving the unique calling and identity of each member.

An elegant description of our philosopy and reason for being is summarized below:

“As STM practitioners we strive to appropriately express God’s redemptive mission throughout his world (missio Dei), and to glorify Him – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – in everthing we do.  We acknowledge that many are affected by our involvement in STM.  We further acknowledge that STM participants include not merely those who go, but those who send (3 John 5-8) and those who receive (Matt. 10:40-42).  We also recognize that STM is not an isolated event, but rather a process consisting of pre-field, on-field, and post-field stages.”