Associate Membership


The SOE provides two levels of membership for organizations: Associate and Accredited.

Associate Member status is an open membership for both sending and receiving entities. Associate Members adopt the Standards of Excellence and agree to pursue some basic and continuing education in short-term mission best practices (see Overview of Required Training).

Accredited Member status is reserved for sending entities who desire to pursue an advanced level of best practice recognition by completing an audited Peer Review.


Associate Member Status is the membership category for every church, agency, school, or other organization whose doctrinal distinctives align with one of our accepted Doctrinal Statements. Sending or receiving organizations can officially adopt the Standards of Excellence (SOE) and become Associate Members.

Unlike our prior membership model, we no longer require Associate Members to pursue Accredited Status.  The accreditation pathway is still an option for organizations desiring to take advantage of one of our greatest facilitated resources, the Peer Review.  Organizations who pursue Accredited Status are appropriately recognized for their hard work with the ability to display our SOE Seal of Excellence.


1. Submit a Member Application by clicking on Adopt the Standards.

Your application form confirms your organization’s intent to honor certain Membership Commitments.

2. An invoice will be sent for your first year member dues.

Congratulations! By following the above steps you:

  • Have become an SOE Associate Member!
  • Will receive log-in instructions and obtain the official SOE Associate Logo for your organization’s immediate use!