Valuable STM Links

Short-term mission associations and best practices: connects the Great Commission Community of North America and added a STM track to their North American Mission Leaders Conference that was sponsored by the Alliance for Excellence in Short-Term Mission (AESTM), SOE’s 501(c)(3) legal entity

Best Practices in Healthcare Short-Term Missions  –  A compilation of best practice papers and an annual conference for those participating in medical mission endeavors

Websites listing short-term mission opportunities:  –  Offers detailed information on 1,000+ STM opportunities offered by 100+ organizations  –  Offers links to hundreds of organizations who send or receive STM teams or volunteers

Websites with lists of short-term mission resources: –  An assortment of STM resources including helps, conferences, articles and organizations – Howard Culbertson’s STM resource pages with a great variety of resources and links  –  Handpicked links to websites on the following topics: Locating an Opportunity, Articles and Networking, Researching Countries, Researching People Groups, Training Resources, Travel Health, Passports, Visas, Etc.