SOE Webinars 2017

All webinars are at 11am Pacific Time. They are free to SOE members and cost $10 for non-members.
SOE will be offering 10 webinars throughout 2017 focusing on the 7 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions. These one-hour webinars will be interactive and are designed to help participants improve and grow in their pursuit of excellence. Each webinar will be recorded and provided for those who are unable to attend or miss the live presentation. All webinars and recordings will be free of charge for SOE members and cost just $10 for non-members.

January 24: Developing Short-Term Mission Team Leaders
Standard 5: Qualified Leadership

Team leaders are the key to God-honoring short-term mission trips. They set the tone and are the catalyst for all the team will do. This is no mystery to most, but what is a mystery for many is how to identify and train new team leaders. How do you know if someone might be a good team leader? What do they need to know and be able to do? How can you set them up for success? This webinar will help you identify characteristics to look for in potential team leaders as well as provide practical information for preparing someone to lead a team. To register for the webinar click here

February 14: Support Raising God’s Way
Standard 4: Comprehensive Administration

So you want to go on a short-term mission trip but how do you raise the required support? Most times raising support is viewed as a necessary evil to get on with the real ministry. Often times, what most do is simply send out a letter announcing their plans with a request for support. While prayer is a key component of this approach, it’s easy miss the heart of discipleship that God intends for the short-termer and for those who will take part as senders. In this webinar we will explore how to raise funds in a way that honors God and allows the donor to give as an act of worship and not simply out of obligation. To register for the webinar click here

March 14: Is It Worth The Risk?
Standard 4: Comprehensive Administration – Appropriate Risk Management

Do you think it’s safe to go to (fill in the blank)? Have you ever gotten that question from a concerned parent or church member? You probably want to answer, “Does it matter?!” Yes, we should be ready to give our lives for Jesus at any time but doesn’t Scripture also suggest we need to act wisely? This webinar will help you find the balance between boldly following Jesus in faith and accounting for risk and planning for safety during your next short-term mission trip. In this webinar, we look at how to assess risk, make decisions on what is an acceptable amount of risk, and consider ways that we can proactively choose safety without sacrificing the mission. To register for the webinar click here

April 11: Developing Godly Character in Short-Term Missionaries
Standard 6: Appropriate Training

This is the first of a three-part series for team leaders and those in charge of training and preparing teams. Many rely on the trip to be the catalyst for shaping the character of participants, but it shouldn’t be this way. The character of short-term missionaries is vital to an excellent short-term mission trip so begin shaping their character before they get to the field. This webinar will focus on what to address and how to build Christlike character in participants.
To register for the webinar click here

May 9: Preparing Short-Term Missionaries for Cross-Cultural Ministry
Standard 6: Appropriate Training

This is part two of our three-part series designed to help team leaders prepare their teams for ministry and will focus on crossing cultures. How do we prepare our teams for entering a new culture? What do they need to know about the culture they are going to? What should they know about their own culture before going? This webinar will help you determine what your team needs to know about crossing cultures, as well as provide you with practical, hands-on strategies for preparing your team in this area. To register for the webinar click here

June 13: Surviving The Pressure Cooker: How to build a team that won’t crack under pressure
Standard 6: Appropriate Training

This is part three of our three-part series for team leaders. The way we love each other says a lot about the God we claim to love. Short-term mission trips can be full of stress and pressure and while this produces diamonds in the ground, in human lives it often causes conflict and broken relationships. This webinar will address building a team that can withstand the stress as well as what to do when the cracks show. Team unity—the testimony of your team depends upon it so don’t neglect it! To register for the webinar click here

August 8: Debriefing
Standard 7: Thorough Follow Through – Comprehensive debriefing of all participants (pre-field, on-field, post-field)

How do you help your teammates process their experiences? What do you say to a team member who isn’t sure they accomplished anything? How do we make sense of such a unique experience? This webinar will help you identify stages of re-entry in yourself and others as well as equip you with questions that help with reflection and translation into life-change for yourself and others. To register for the webinar click here

September 12: The Next Mile—Follow Through for Short-Term Missionaries
Standard 7: Thorough Follow Through – Thoughtful and appropriate follow-through for goer-guests

“The black hole of missions.” How many times have you heard people say, “I’ll never be the same!” But then you see them a year later and pretty much nothing is different. In this webinar, we will discover how to turn your experience into life-long change by incorporating mentors and the concept of triage into follow-through. To register for the webinar click here

October 10: Why Should Your Church Do A Short-Term Mission Trip?
Standard 1: God-Centeredness

Thousands of churches and organizations send out millions of short-term missionaries every year but why? Why does your church do it? Or why does your youth group do it? Is it to affect change in the lives of your participants? Because the pastor asked you to? Because it seemed to have a big impact on the church down the street? If “well begun is half done” then we must be participating in short-term missions for the right reason. This webinar will address the proper motivations for doing a short-term mission trip and how to keep God at the center. To register for the webinar click here

November 7: What Does It Mean To Partner?
Standard 1: Empowering Partnerships

What does it mean to partner with your short-term mission host? What does a healthy partnership look like? Many partnerships between sending churches and host receivers aren’t really partnerships—they’re sponsorships. Money and people go out but what comes back? How do we work with our cross-cultural partners in a way that is generous, meets their needs, and is a two-way street? This webinar will address those questions. To register for the webinar click here