SOE Webinars 2018

All webinars are at 11am Pacific Time. They are free to SOE members and cost $10 for non-members.

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SOE will be offering 10 webinars throughout 2018 focusing on the 7 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions. These one-hour webinars will be interactive and are designed to help participants improve and grow in their pursuit of excellence. Each webinar will be recorded and provided for those who are unable to attend or miss the live presentation. All webinars and recordings will be free of charge for SOE members and $10 for non-members.

Jan 23: Developing Consistent Leadership
Are your mission trips led by a variety of people—or even volunteers? This probably means each team reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the leader, and the experience of the goer can vary greatly. This webinar will help you maximize the strengths of each leader while creating consistency in training, debriefing, and follow-through across your short-term mission program. To register for the webinar click here

Feb 13: Leveraging Technology
Do you wish you had more time to spend on the relational aspects of ministry but the logistics are overwhelming? Technology can help you accomplish your logistics faster, leaving you more time to focus on your team members. This webinar will help you know how to shop software options and demonstrate a few team management solutions that might be helpful for you. To register for the webinar click here

Mar 13: How Can Travel And Insurance Agents Help You Deal With Crisis?
Chances are you buy your airline tickets through a travel agent and purchase insurance for your teams, but do you know what to do in case of a crisis? Do you know when to contact your agents and how they can help? This webinar will feature agents from both industries and will educate you as to how you can take advantage of the privileges afforded by working with travel and insurance agents. To register for the webinar click here

Apr 10: Spiritual Warfare: how to prepare for the battle that is to come
A mission trip is not a vacation. There is a real Enemy who wants to ruin the trip, but how do we account for that which is not seen? This webinar will help you prepare for and endure the spiritual warfare that is inevitable on your next short-term mission trip. To register for the webinar click here

May 8: Sending Supporters: the forgotten partners
We spend a lot of time focusing on goers, but for every trip participant there are literally dozens of people who pray, give, manage the household, or do one of many other things to make it possible or them to go. This webinar will help you strengthen your program by mobilizing these sending supporters to action on behalf of your goers. To register for the webinar click here

June 12: Supporting Your Host Receiver: how to be a blessing and not a burden
Sometimes good intentions don’t translate into good results. This often happens when we are so careful not to dictate ministry to our host receiver, that we don’t provide enough information at all. What information does your host need to be able to use your team effectively? This webinar will help you know how to be a blessing and not a burden on your host by communicating the right things effectively before and during your trip. To register for the webinar click here

Aug 14: Following Through With Your Host
We follow-through with our participants upon returning home but do we follow through with our hosts? What might our host be going through when we leave and what might they need to share with us? This webinar will help you leverage your in country time with your host into a deeper relationship by following through with him or her. To register for the webinar click here

Sept 11: Follow-Through For Senders
Think about someone who makes a donation to one of your team members. What is their experience like? They probably receive a tax-receipt/thank you letter from your organization but what do they get from the participant? Imagine if every sender got to share in the joy of all that God did in and through your mission team? This webinar will help you engage senders for God’s Glory. To register for the webinar click here

Oct 9: Ask A Missionary!
Do you have a question about how to partner with a field missionary but don’t know how to ask? Or maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask your missionary or host receiver?! This webinar will feature a panel of missionaries and host receivers who will be answering questions on how sending organizations can better partner with field hosts. To register for the webinar click here

Nov 13: Best Practices In Orphan Care and Short-Term Missions
Do your mission teams partner with children’s homes? We like to “love on kids” but do you know the effect that this temporary affection causes on the children? This webinar will address Best Practices in Orphan Care and Short-Term Missions as established by The Faith to Action Initiative and SOE. Learn about best practices and don’t continue serving in the dark! To register for the webinar click here