Why Join SOE?

By adopting the Seven Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission and displaying the SOE Seal, you demonstrate that your STMs strive for Christ-centered and effective missions strategies, partnerships and stewardship. You also join an impressive network of organizations that represent the very best of those practicing STM.

When your organization becomes an SOE member, you …

1. Can display the SOE member logo (seal if accredited) on your stationery, website, promotional and other materials.
2. Send a message to donors, volunteers, parents and mission partners that your program applies
internationally-derived best practices.
3. Let everyone know that you are committed to effective mission work and that you are not just
a “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” operation.
4. Have many opportunities to be mentored by more experienced churches and organizations.
5. Create an environment where everyone involved in your work has an equal voice (senders, goers, receivers).
6. Provide complete planning for your entire STM process (pre-field, on-field, post-field).
7. Help assure that your key STM personnel are being regularly trained in current and innovative STM methods.
8. Become networked with similar groups who are also striving for excellence in STM.
9. Have assistance in identifying risk and applying appropriate risk management and crisis planning.
10. Have assistance in becoming a better financial steward by applying tested wisdom and avoiding costly mistakes.
11. Have connections to other valuable resources (publications, media, training conferences… and hundreds of other real live Christians who are also doing short-term missions).
12. Have opportunities to help mentor volunteers, churches and other organizations who are less experienced
in STM.