SOE Intro

The Standards of Excellence (SOE) in Short-Term Mission is an accrediting and resourcing body for those who send, receive, facilitate and support short-term mission (STM) endeavors.

Our members mobilize thousands of volunteers to many international and domestic locations on hundreds of trips each year. Those considering membership should know that by adopting the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission and displaying the SOE logo, you demonstrate that your STMs strive for Christ-centered and effective missions strategies, partnerships and stewardship. You also join an impressive network offering opportunities for resource sharing, improved training, minimized risk and mentoring.

Organizations displaying the top-tier SOE seal of accreditation meet or exceed the highest best practice standards established for short-term missions. The process to achieve accreditation is rigorous and advancement is not automatic. Thus accredited SOE members are to be commended for their achievement, as well as for their commitment to quality and excellence in STM.

The SOE is a registered 501(c)(3) Christian non-profit organization. Click here for a list of our Board Members.