Vision & Purpose


The vision of the SOE is to see all STM endeavors committed to God-honoring standards and Christ-like practices for greater kingdom impact among the nations.


The purpose of the SOE is to glorify God by helping STM sending entities achieve excellence and provide effective kingdom service in partnership with the body of Christ.


Our mission is to train, equip, coach and accredit agencies, schools and churches that send, receive and assist those who engage in short-term mission endeavors. We do so to promote excellence and authentic ministry in all aspects of their STM programs. Our specific strategic initiatives include:

  1. Establishing and maintaining best practice guidelines by way of the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission
  2. Sponsoring high quality training conferences
  3. Peer mentoring
  4. Offering a pathway to accreditation via a rigorous peer review process
  5. Networking with like-minded individuals and organizations
  6. Highlighting quality resource providers that can supply member organizations with needed materials
  7. Continuous quality improvement of our program, methods and process