Resource Provider

There are many organizations that support or provide key services to the agencies, churches, schools and ministries which send out groups and individuals on short-term mission outreaches. Some provide equipment specifically tailored to STMs, others provide training materials, travel reservations, insurance or similar services. The SOE has created a category of membership for Resource Providers who endorse the 7 Standards of Excellence, and wish to support short-term mission practitioners.
How does an organization qualify to be a recognized Resource Provider with the Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission?
  • It understands, supports and promotes the 7 Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.
  • It is committed to encouraging excellence in short-term missions.
  • It completes an initial and annual brief report about how its organization, products or services foster  excellence in STM.
  • It pays an annual fee to help support the the development and maintenance of best practice standards.
  • It refers to the 7 Standards and uses the SOE logo in its marketing to encourage others to commit, learn about and pursue excellence in their STM endeavors.

If  your organization is willing to make the above commitments, we would love to have you join with us as we work shoulder to shoulder to lift the level of quality in short-term missions.

An offline application may be obtained by clicking: Resource Provider Application. All applications are reviewed by the SOE for approval.